Posted by: Tasha C. Taylor | May 19, 2010

Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Two Appellate Court Races Settled, One Headed to November Runoff

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports the following election results from the May 18, 2010 elections for Arkansas’s contested appellate court seats:


Supreme Court Position 3
2,434 of 2,516 precincts – 97 percent
Courtney Henry, 243,995 – 58 percent
John Fogleman, 178,838 – 42 percent

Appeals Court District 2 Position 1
511 of 557 precincts – 92 percent
Jo Hart, 40,312 – 52 percent
Rhonda Wood, 37,618 – 48 percent

Supreme Court Position 6
2,434 of 2,516 precincts – 97 percent
Karen Baker, 201,778 – 48 percent
Tim Fox, 153,723 – 37 percent
Evelyn Moorehead, 62,132 – 15 percent

The runoff between Judges Fox and Baker for position 6 on the Arkansas Supreme Court will be held at the general election on November 2, 2010.


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  2. […] Governor Beebe Makes Two Judicial Appointments to Arkansas Court of Appeals Governor Mike Beebe announced yesterday two judicial appointments to the Arkansas Court of Appeals.  The two vacancies on the Court of Appeals were created by the 2010 elections of Court of Appeals Judges Karen Baker and Courtney Henry to the Arkansas Supreme Court. See Arkansas Supreme Court Election Results: Judge Karen Baker Wins Election for Position 6; Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Two Appellate Court Races Settled, One Headed to November Runoff. […]

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