Posted by: Tasha C. Taylor | September 23, 2010

The Arkansas Appeals Blog Welcomes The Arkansas Appellate Cycle Blog to Arkansas’s Appellate Practice Blogosphere

The Arkansas Appellate Cycle Blog

The Arkansas Appellate Cycle Blog

The Arkansas Appeals Blog welcomes the newest Arkansas appellate practice blog on the scene: The Arkansas Appellate Cycle.   

Authored by Jess Askew III of Williams & Anderson, The Arkansas Appellate Cycle Blog combines information about appellate practice and procedure with Mr. Askew’s more than twenty years of experience as an appellate attorney in Arkansas.  In his blog posts, Mr. Askew creatively weaves his love for cycling with his passion for appellate practice to provide a helpful frame of reference outside of the law that often helps him explain legal minutiae.  Mr. Askew describes his goal with the blog as follows:  

My goal is to have a conversation about appellate practice in the state courts of Arkansas, and the cycling perspective can help make a point or two along the way. There is also the natural metaphor between the journey of a bike trip and the life of a lawsuit, from trial through appeal. I hope the cycling perspective will make this blog more accessible and enjoyable.  

Check out Mr. Askew’s most recent blog post entitled Final Orders & The Addendum for an example of how he creatively connects the cycling process to Arkansas’s appellate cycle.  

Mr. Askew’s resume as an appellate practitioner is impressive.  He began his legal career as a law clerk to the late Richard S. Arnold, who sat as a judge and later as Chief Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.  Mr. Askew has been involved in numerous cases on appeal, including the recent cases of Arkansas Blue Cross v. Little Rock Cardiology Clinic, 551 F. 3d 812 (2009), dealing with federal ancillary jurisdiction in a health-care case; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette v. District Court, Ark. S. Ct. No. 08-1435 (Dec. 18, 2008), establishing the availability of a writ of certiorari from a circuit court to an inferior court under Amendment 80 to the Arkansas Constitution; and Cox v. Daniels, 374 Ark. 437 (2008), rejecting a ballot-title challenge to the Arkansas College Scholarship Lottery Amendment under Amendment 7 to the Arkansas Constitution.  Additionally, Mr. Askew was a contributor to the Arkansas Bar Association’s treatise on Handling Appeals in Arkansas.  Mr. Askew is listed in Best Lawyers in America under appeallate practice.

The experience and knowledge Mr. Askew brings to The Arkansas Appellate Cycle Blog makes it a great new resource for Arkansas appellate lawyers.  To follow the blog, click on the links provided in this post or click on the link to The Arkansas Appellate Cycle Blog in our list of Blog Links included in the sidebar to the right.


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