Posted by: Tasha C. Taylor | September 7, 2010

Arkansas’s Administrative Office of the Courts Seeks Proposals for New Statewide Electronic Filing System

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), pursuant to its authority under Administrative Order 21, took a step toward implementing electronic filing statewide when it recently announced its request for proposals “for systems and services for the implementation of a comprehensive statewide electronic filing system for the Arkansas Judiciary.”  According to the AOC, the filing system must meet the following requirements:

The system must have the proven capability of handling all types of cases including small claims, traffic, criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, and domestic relations. The system must also have been successfully implemented at limited, general, and appellate levels of a multi-jurisdictional court system.

Arkansas appellate attorneys and Arkansas general practitoners would benefit from the type of uniform statewide filing system, as described by the AOC.


  1. […] is eventually to make all pleadings available online, a project that is currently underway.  In fact, the Administrative Office of the Courts recently announced its request for proposals for a…. Click above to view this morning's full video announcement from the Arkansas Supreme Court […]


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