Posted by: Tasha C. Taylor | June 23, 2009

Legislative Changes to Appellate Court Filing Fees are Effective July 1, 2009

The Arkansas Supreme Court posted a reminder yesterday that the Court Technology Improvement Act of 2009(ACT 328 (HB 1353)) will go into effect next week, on July 1, 2009.

Pursuant to the Act, the Supreme Court Clerk is permitted to charge the following fees:

• A fee of $150.00 for a certified question from a federal court;

• A fee of $25.00 for each petition for rehearing filed;

• A “court technology fee” of $15.00 for every civil action or misdemeanor case filed in either the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.

• The Clerk of the Supreme Court shall be paid by the appellant a fee of $150.00 in all civil actions and misdemeanor cases.

• The $150.00 filing fee and the $15.00 “court technology fee” shall be remitted in one sum of $165.00.

• These fees go into effect on July 1, 2009.


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