Posted by: Tasha C. Taylor | June 5, 2013

Arkansas Appeals Welcomes Reported Decisions to the Arkansas Appellate Practice Blogging Community

The Arkansas Appeals Blog is pleased to welcome the newest blog to the Arkansas appellate practice blogging community: Reported Decisions (

Author Tim Cullen of Cullen & Company, PLLC created Reported Decisions to be “[a] blog about Arkansas appeals, new developments in appellate procedure, and other items of interest.”  Mr. Cullen’s blog will be an asset to Arkansas appellate practitioners as it will include a chronology of many of the more than 125 appeals he has handled before the Arkansas Court of Appeals, the Arkansas Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

We look forward to following Mr. Cullen’s blog and learning from the insight his blog will provide to the Arkansas appellate community.  A link to Reported Decisions is included in our sidebar under “Blog Links.”


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