Posted by: Tasha C. Taylor | March 14, 2009

Comment Period for Proposed Civil Practice Rule Changes Ends May 15, 2009

ark-judiciarySee the Arkansas Supreme Court’s March 5, 2009 Per Curiam outlining the proposed rule changes that have been recommended by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Civil Practice.

According to the Per Curiam, comments on the suggested rule changes should be directed, in writing, to Clerk Les Steen prior to May 15, 2009.

Note the proposed changes to rules affecting appellate practice:

  • Arkansas Supreme Court Rule 4-8. Procedure for no-merit briefs, pro se points, and responses in involuntary-commitment cases (the proposed rule change outlines this procedure).
  • Arkansas Supreme Court Rule 6-7. Taxation of Costs (the proposed rule change increases the filing fee awarded to an appellant who obtains a reversal to reflect the actual cost of the filing fee).
  • Arkansas Rules of Appellate Procedure–Civil, Rule 6. Record on Appeal (the proposed rule change affects the time frame for appellee to designate additional record materials; harmonizes rule with Rule of Appellate Procedure-Civil 4(a)). 


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