Posted by: Tasha C. Taylor | September 18, 2008

Appellate Practice Tip–Perfecting Your Citations

This week’s tip concerning how to perfect your citations is one way to make your brief stand out among the hundreds of pages of appellate briefs read by Appellate Court Judges and Law Clerks each week.  Your readers will appreciate your efforts to make your citations comply with the same guide they use in drafting the opinions that you read.

The House Style Guide, which is prepared and provided free online by the Reporter of Decisions–the Court’s legal editor–is an excellent resource that provides the following categories of citations, which are frequently used by Appellate Attorneys:

Arkansas Citations
Federal Citations
Miscellaneous Citations
State Reporter Citations

If you ever plan on drafting an appellate court brief, be sure to bookmark this site that is sure to help you perfect your cites.


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